Day #1 Platform Leaf

I spent pretty much ALL weekend searching the forgotten jungle of my closet, garage and art room for my Nikon camera. I had every intention of playing with the settings and getting it ready to take pictures of my adventures with the 30 for 30 Challenge. Surprise? I couldn’t find it.

So I’m settling for the pretty decent iPhone camera, the rub being that I have to either take creepy Myspace-style mirror pics or the hubby has to take them for me. You hear that iPhone? Come up with a timer for your camera and I WILL marry you. Pre-nup to follow.

So here we have an old comfy cotton dress from Ross, A braided leather belt I found at a thrift store for two bucks, and my delightful Madden Girl wedges from Not such a shabby start except I notice in pictures how my leg tan is like unto a sunset.


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