Day #3 Flora & Fauna

It appears I have fallen under the influence of the wildly populous tech group I am currently working beside. Here there is no end to stylish button-down shirts and today I decided to participate.

Day #3 Flora & Fauna - Jedi is the Fauna

This sweet floral button-down with the roll tab sleeves and western-style studding I actually picked up at Buffalo Exchange last week when I donated some old items. The gentle blue print reminded me of my grandmother’s china and I couldn’t resist. Especially since it cost me less than a Starbucks coffee!

I went with comfy flip-flops today (my only pair left thanks to Jedi) and the down side of that is realizing just how short I am. I’m no too keen on being reminded, but my 6’4 hubby can get me all the stuff on the high shelves.