30 for 30 Day #6 Floral First

Made the executive decision to skip my weekends for the challenge, they consist mostly of sleeping in and throwing on cozy tees and jean shorts. Not so much with the stylized adventures there. Especially the dusty, under-construction world I live in right now.

Granted in the eves I’m out and about but habitually running behind so it’s never conducive to picture posing.

Day #6 Floral First

This sweet little button down with the roll-tab sleeves and hem I actually thrifted, along with the belt. How could I not have any other shirts with floral prints? Blasphemy abounds. Unded up switching the shoes to these sweet little red open toe heels:

Also mixed my metals today:

Spyglass Necklace w/Gold
Mixed up Metals – can’t they all get along?

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