30 for 30 Challenge Day #19: Something Spicy

A sizzling summer always benefits from a few go-to white tops in your armory. They’re classic, clean, and if you’re me they attract droplets of bold and spicy food like two star-crossed magnets. That’s a Shakespeare and magnetism reference, all in my second sentence. Do you suppose geomagnetic reversal is kind of like the earth switching to the cool side of the pillow every few million years? Boy do I digress…

The white top I went with is a Banana Republic number from way back when, love the slightly puffed sleeves and the button-loop front. Went with my lighter wash Paris Blues (yes I realize that’s a juniors brand but they fit THE best) that I rolled at the cuff. My mom’s metal and pearl necklace brings an edgy feel and I top it all off with something intentionally bold and spicy – my leopard flats from Target.

Something spicy you can create.


4 thoughts on “30 for 30 Challenge Day #19: Something Spicy

  1. Hey Krystyn! Thanks for following my blog. I love your Target flats. I’m the Queen of Target–I get so much there. Good luck with the rest of your 30 for 30!

    • Hey Thanks Sage! I know, sometimes I have to take a different route home so I don’t pass a Target! Especially the giant ones with rows and rows…

    • Thanks Katya! I think these flats are lucky to because I found a five dollar bill right after that :) I bet you are doing great on your 30 for 30! Stick with it that’s what counts.

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