The Rock Zanzibar

My pocketbook is a mean deterrent to traveling to the many places I’d love to go, but I find the world to fascinating not to have a daily mind-wander to faraway places.

Today my brain and I hit up The Rock, a delightfully Neverland-ish seafood restaurant tucked in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It is almost like a tree house that floated out to sea, and promises beautiful ocean views from all tables on the terrace.

If you are ever out and about in  Zanzibar, Tanzania knock on their door. Plan ahead, something tells me the tides may dictate lunch time.

Images from A CUP OF JO

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Zappos Outfit Write-up: The Conversationalist

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You scan the room upon arrival, a goal in mind and many people to see. With the right look and the best angle you know you can succeed. A clean Oxford shirt with a lean cut and a subtle texture is your first choice, an ideal classic for a man with classic ideals. Relaxed-fit twill pants and on-trend loafers pay tribute to your openly-elegant style, and a quick-witted retort lets the other conversationalists know you mean business. With an unshakable confidence that is as natural as your handshake, all those who oppose you don?t even have a sporting chance.

Zappos Outfit Write-up: The Journey

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A journey to vast open spaces can’t begin without the proper gear, and for your quick Saturday escape, you know just what to call upon. A micro-weight tank top does battle as a base layer in the cold months and a reliable moisture-wicking top in the heat. A perfected lightweight pant and a comfy breathable shoe has you ready to hit the trails. With the sure-fire guardianship of a soft fleece pullover, you charge onward without mercy, and leave the ambitionless behind.