A Pilgrimage of Spices

While in Phoenix for the weekend to drink and be merry with friends and family, I took my usual side trip to Penzey’s Spices. No scratch that, it is more like a journey to mecca.

A wave of delightful aromas hits you as soon as you walk in. Anything they have available to purchase  they also place in a large jar that you can pop open and take a whiff of. The whole store is very well-organized, and they are kind enough to provide coffee beans everywhere so you can “reset” your nose.

One of the best parts about their spices and their blends is that on the back of each one they provide recipe suggestions and portion information. Take one of my favorites, Northwoods Fire. It’s a very warm and smokey flavor with a background of thyme.

The website even provides a recipe or two: Grilled Strip Steak Tips

If you’re anywhere near a location, definitely stop by. And if not, you can order online. It tricks you into new adventures in the kitchen.


St. Nick Splendor

Alas the Holidays are over. Santa was good to me this year as usual. He seemed to forget the Frye boots I wanted but perhaps he did his research and discovered that the style I want doesn’t fit me right. Good looking out, Santa.

Here’s a snapshot of some of my treasures:

Stocking Stuffers

  • Salted caramel scented candle
  • Imported pasta spices
  • Cheshire Cat ornament
  • Locally made stoneware plates in Leap Frog Green
  • Matchbook notebook
  • Bath and Body Lotion in Black Raspberry Vanilla
  • Olive wood bowl, hand carved
  • Alice in Wonderland mints
  • Tiny ceramic heart candles
  • Victoria’s Secret bra with built-in cami cover
  • Audrey sundress in a floral pint with exposed front zipper. Similar Dress
Big Buddha Tote

Big Buddha Tote woven in chevron pattern.

This Big Buddha Mission Tote in the black and white was an awesome find by my sister. You can find it here.

My folks also graced us with a barrel cactus sculpture crafted by the artist we saw in Boulder City. Now I just have to work to make my front yard deserve it.

Jedi’s Christmas Wishlist

If Jedi could find the time in his busy box-destroying and frolicking schedule to make a gift list for the holidays, what would he ask for? 1) Woven octopus 2) The never-ending tennis ball loop 3) a pup-friendly iPhone 4) some time in the woods, ideal for stick gathering. 5) he loves his lobsters 6 & 7) tennis balls. lots of them, in any and all colors.

Jedi's Winter Wishlist