Plato’s Closet

A colorful romp through perfectly categorized fashions in proper “rainbow” order (as I call it), almost makes you feel like you are in a sweet little boutique candy store. But you’re not – you’re in Plato’s Closet. A marvelous apparel thrift store that takes great care to populate their haven with only mindfully trendy, classic, or quality items.

Everything is grouped with like items, then sorted by length or color. This is ideal for strategic shopping, and a lovely sight for the eyes.

Although most apparel is name brand, they don’t snub things from places like Forever21. This brings plenty of options for even the strictest thrift fashionista who is on a super-tight budget. Keep your eyes open for fun costume jewelry and scarves in pretty, exotic colors at a real steal.

All items are well laundered and don’t carry with them the typical “musk” of normal clothing thrift emporiums.

Double Bonus: They actually have an exquisitely organized section for our boys! In a boutique-y place this is rare. We will see what happens when I drag Jason there.

Since it isn’t payday yet, I only had a ten in my pocket, but I was able to score two colors of crackle nail polish and this fun Relic Handbag (on sale) for a grand total of $9.83.

If you’re in an area near one of their locations, you must stop in and check out their treasures. They also take items in for cash or store credit, have an email membership, a get-stamps-for-discount card, and a friendly staff who all seem to be their own brand of adorable.

For my local Las Vegas lasses, it is located on Sunset right in front of the Galleria mall in a small, separate shopping center. Map here.


33 Resolutions

2011 has come and gone, and I am none the worse for wear. This new year however, I plan to get myself in gear in any way possible – or at least get myself out of neutral. Don’t freak out, Past Self, you did okay. But we can do better.

Here in no particular order are the 33 Resolutions I will concentrate on this year:

1) Get over it.
2) Conquer unfinished projects.
3) Revive Date Night.
4) Follow my curiosities.
5) See more live music.
6) Take more photos.
7) Reconnect with family and faraway friends.
8) Mix it up.
9) Read 30 books.
10) Defeat my closet.
11) Keep running.
12) Complete another half marathon.
13) Save money.
14) Prepare something from each cookbook I own.
15) Update my guest room.
16) Tone up.
17) Try even more new things.
18) One hour every day dedicated to all things creative.
19) Find balance.
20) Banish useless things.
21) Make a list of what I love.
22) Finish home decorating.
23) Build better habits.
24) Organize.
25) Evolve my blog.
26) More surprises for Jason.
27) Let go.
28) Be realistic without losing optimism.
29) Get healthier.
30) Worry less.
31) Schedule “self” time.
32) Complete 30 hikes.
33) Write. Always write.

Some of them seem a bit cryptic but I dive in I will define it all. In a perfect world I’ll have an action plan for each – but as part of #28 I will admit that isn’t going to happen. So I’ll just keep at it and see where it takes me. A year that has begun with mimosas and masquerades…and who’s official Pantone color is Tangerine Tango (yes, this actually happened, see here) is shaping up to be a good one already.

What is your year going to be?

Adrienne Vittadini via, colors Tangerine Tango with Bellflower

Check out the Pantone 2012 profiles of other fashion designers here.


Red: A Cosmetic Adventure.

In which I forge ahead into unknown territory, and stake my claim in a new land. One of bold new colorways and risky shades that I’ve never tried before.  I’ve never really worn much lipstick since I wasn’t the biggest fan of my smile. But with more and more to smile about these days, I turn to two of my New Year’s resolutions: Get Over It, and Try More New Things. Enter red lipstick.

So I ignored my typical tame shades of lip tint and went with this brick red color, followed by a shiny red gloss.

It did make me feel sassy, although this colorstay type I had from Almay that is supposed to be moisturizing really wasn’t. I had to keep reapplying it. There must be some sort of draw, because without fail, whenever I put on a fresh coat, Jason wants a kiss “Hello” or “Goodbye” or “Nice seeing you in the hall”. I would say that’s a win.

Jessica Alba

Tips on red lips:

  1. Don’t use red liner. If it doesn’t match it ruins the look.
  2. Brush lips gently with a towel or toothbrush beforehand to smooth dry areas.
  3. Play “down” your eyes, so those ruby reds are the star.
  4. If you’re using a stain, that will be your base layer.
  5. Be sure to conceal all areas of redness on your face, these will be more noticeable.

Find your perfect red and channel your inner siren. I will be doing as much of that as I can this year.

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