Plato’s Closet

A colorful romp through perfectly categorized fashions in proper “rainbow” order (as I call it), almost makes you feel like you are in a sweet little boutique candy store. But you’re not – you’re in Plato’s Closet. A marvelous apparel thrift store that takes great care to populate their haven with only mindfully trendy, classic, or quality items.

Everything is grouped with like items, then sorted by length or color. This is ideal for strategic shopping, and a lovely sight for the eyes.

Although most apparel is name brand, they don’t snub things from places like Forever21. This brings plenty of options for even the strictest thrift fashionista who is on a super-tight budget. Keep your eyes open for fun costume jewelry and scarves in pretty, exotic colors at a real steal.

All items are well laundered and don’t carry with them the typical “musk” of normal clothing thrift emporiums.

Double Bonus: They actually have an exquisitely organized section for our boys! In a boutique-y place this is rare. We will see what happens when I drag Jason there.

Since it isn’t payday yet, I only had a ten in my pocket, but I was able to score two colors of crackle nail polish and this fun Relic Handbag (on sale) for a grand total of $9.83.

If you’re in an area near one of their locations, you must stop in and check out their treasures. They also take items in for cash or store credit, have an email membership, a get-stamps-for-discount card, and a friendly staff who all seem to be their own brand of adorable.

For my local Las Vegas lasses, it is located on Sunset right in front of the Galleria mall in a small, separate shopping center. Map here.


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    • Lovely! Please let me know what you find. I’m thinking of challenging myself to find a whole outfit there for $40. Next paycheck of course :)

  1. Plato’s Closet is awesome, I’ve sold clothes to them and gotten way more than I expected. They have some cute stuff for decent prices :)

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