Western Wednesday

Western Wednesday
Round these parts, a friend of mine has championed Western Wednesday at the office. It was originally begun, I believe, as an excuse to buy some fancy cowboy boots. But it has morphed into a rather enjoyable event where those who love plaid shirts can proudly don their threads, lovers of fine Western footwear can walk side by side and whoa boy, you better believe those cowboy hats come out.
I recommend you give it a try, since we all want to sport that over-the-top belt buckle now and then. You can find the items you need at retailers like Stetson or Zappos, or even at your local thrift store.
Look for:
  • REAL leather in neutral tones.
  • Denim that is distressed or has a worn-in look.
  • Bootcut. For obvious reasons.
  • Contrast topstitching.
  • Floral embroidery and tiered peasant skirts (for the ladies).
  • Snap-up fronts, not button ups.
  • Pointed back yokes on shirts.
  • Plaid prints on woven cotton.
  • If you’re going to buy used cowboy boots, know the haps on them and check for cracks. Also know that they will NOT stretch, the fit is what it is.
  • Spring for one key item, maybe a nicer hat or some fancy boots.

Here’s a snap of my Western Wednesday:

See there? I definitely can’t be tamed in that get up.

Pictured above:

10 and 2: Colorblocking

Hurrah, this one’s a two-fer! I found myself absent-mindedly perusing some style blogs and observing pupils dilate at the site of all the colorblocking still going on. Wow self, you should totes try that. Casual glance toward my chosen stack of 10 and 2 Challenge items and bam! Idea.

Layering my wrap blouse in a killer Kelly Green over a lovely blue dress and pairing it with my black suede Carlos Santana peep-toe heels and I’ve got some electric colorblocking going on indeed.

Enter Item One: A blue halter dress with another of those pleated skirts I was very fond of six years ago when I bought it.

What I love:

  • The color. Blue and I have a romance.
  • The pleats of course.
  • The neckline and bodice. You can’t see it but it is lovely for my ladies.

What I dislike:

  • The halter. It prevents you from wearing a decent bra.
  • The waist tie. It fits so well already, no need to tie it.
  • Again the length, just a bit too long for my height.

Enter Item Two: True wrap blouse left over from the banking days.

What I love:

The color. It is such a rich, bold green.

The fact that it wraps and ties like a wrap dress would.

The surplice neckline.

What I dislike:

  • It runs a little short if you wear it with jeans.
  • The tie sometimes feels bulky.

All in all I think I’m going to end up keeping both of these,  I really like how they play off of each other and I can think of many more ways to use them.

Check out Refinery29’s “How to Colorblock” for a few styles that play to the trend.

Or better yet? Do a Google image search for “colorblocking”. There’s a whole world out there and lots of ideas to try. Odds are you already have pieces available.

10 and 2 : Wide-leg Trousers

I have a lot of things still lingering in my closet from my banking days. I’ve managed to reconnect with some of those old blazers by rolling back the sleeves and introducing them to a cute dress or blouse. But I hadn’t yet embarked on that journey with trousers. And why shouldn’t they get to play?

What I love:

  • The rise, it fits me and my butt perfectly.
  • The wide leg has an elegant drape to it and balances out my curvy figure.
  • The button-tab detailing at the waist.

What I dislike:

  • The length, too long not to don heels, although tailoring could fix.
  • The color, not bad but maybe a little boring.

Well-cut trousers are never a bad thing to have in your arsenal. But will they make my final cut? I think I will have to see what else they can be paired with.

A few ideas here:

Image from gogoshopper.com

Image from gogoshopper.com