10 and 2 : Wide-leg Trousers

I have a lot of things still lingering in my closet from my banking days. I’ve managed to reconnect with some of those old blazers by rolling back the sleeves and introducing them to a cute dress or blouse. But I hadn’t yet embarked on that journey with trousers. And why shouldn’t they get to play?

What I love:

  • The rise, it fits me and my butt perfectly.
  • The wide leg has an elegant drape to it and balances out my curvy figure.
  • The button-tab detailing at the waist.

What I dislike:

  • The length, too long not to don heels, although tailoring could fix.
  • The color, not bad but maybe a little boring.

Well-cut trousers are never a bad thing to have in your arsenal. But will they make my final cut? I think I will have to see what else they can be paired with.

A few ideas here:

Image from gogoshopper.com

Image from gogoshopper.com


One thought on “10 and 2 : Wide-leg Trousers

  1. Trouser type pants are a favorite of mine, the color of yours makes them fully versatile. You can dress them up or down; a spring outfit could include a pair of wedges, a flowy blouse, and a casual blazer with delicate feminine accessories.

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