Mindful Mocking: Gear Up

Paul was beginning to doubt whether Sylvia had any concept of what he meant when he asked her to “gear up” for paintball. Advertisements


Mindful Mocking: Sullen Scarf

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Ordinarily, Edward would be thrilled to don his tangerine tango leopard scarf. But on this day, it was only his default, as Ricky had borrowed his favorite paisley Ascot and had not returned it. A default scarf, he thought bitterly, is never as chic as one’s primary choice.

Mindful Mocking: Coffee Break

Image via The Yellow Tea Cup on Tumblr

Larissa waited patiently by the chain link fence with the other Bat Girl hopefuls. She knew that her “Irish” coffee might slur her speech a bit, but she was sure that her pointy bodice and high-waisted midriff shorts would get her the part.