Outfit: Table For Two

Another outfit write-up hits the electronic pages:

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” The day has been filled with cobble-stone streets, new flavors of gelato, crowded museums and peaceful walks through ancient architecture. Now as the sun fades and the evening begins, you dress for the magic that awaits you at a secluded table for two. A pretty peasant dress with flowing lines and drawstring details is the perfect piece for this romantic evening, and the sweet ruffled clutch you managed to tuck into your suitcase is a welcome respite from your packed day bag. The platform heels that match beautifully are completely worth the space they cost you, and you don dangling stone earrings that you know the candlelight will catch. The hostess seats you at the outdoor table you hoped she would, and as the wine is poured and the gentle whisper of music is heard around the square, you can’t imagine a better day. A glance across the table at his smile tells you that neither can he.”


Unique & Chic: Outfit Write-up

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An outfit write-up from last month. I was feeling saucy:

Your personalized style has long been a source of contention to your type-A sister. The subtle email request to “tone it down” for the family holiday party was of course read, but then ignored. That’s all the more reason to turn to a few fun favorites that will totally clash with her cardigan and pearls. A chic skirt with ladylike detail pairs proudly with lacey tights, tucked into edgy boots with a core of military style. A sleek button-down blouse gives bold contrast to your bright clutch, and to truly top it all off you must turn to your lucky fedora. Although you know she’ll widen her eyes when she greets you at the door, you also know she’ll proudly join your team for the traditional game of funky family charades.

Outfit Write-up: Turn Heads

Time for CAPES! And below I had to write about them:

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A new season means new adventures in chic. Head-turning skinny jeans tuck happily into trendy riding boots that speak highly of your playful style. Proudly tucked beneath your arm is a supple leather hobo bag that compliments the cozy knit cape that’s quickly becoming your new favorite. Tie the carefully woven neutral ensemble together with bold colored earrings that scatter sunlight in all directions, and let the world take notice.