Your Brights Are On

I was feeling overly summery last week with our shoe-melting heat waves, so I finally decided to actively participate in the new(old) super-bright color trend.

We all know that row of crayons that looks like they have been charged with electricity. Boasting names like:

Laser Lemon
Razzle Dazzle Rose
Shocking Pink
Neon Carrot

How can you resist?

Walking briskly through the isles, unable to settle on just one color and a steadfast budget to stick to, I finally settled on this little number. A tank dress in a candy stripe brings me an array of the colors I was hunting for, and pairs nicely with my golden sandals and a medium wash denim jacket. I will admit, right after this picture was taken, I abandoned my jacket and fled immediately inside to the bliss of the air-conditioned office.

Here’s a few ways to rock those bold hues:

Image from

Image from

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Take a stab at it yourself, if you haven’t already. Feeling nervous? Buy a box of Crayola Crayons, spread out those colors and get to know them a bit, hold them up to things in your closet and dream up the possibilities.

Want to make some quick and easy art with those crayons after your adventure? Click here for a video how to for melting crayons on canvas.


Kentucky Derby Time

It’s Derby Season! I think of mint juleps, big hats with plenty of flop, and pretty polka dot dresses that flutter in the breeze.

Think you’d like to attend The Kentucky Derby? Well good news! The MAXIM Party Package is still available for a thrifty $2,000 a person. Seems like a logical thing to dip into your 401K for, right?


Anyway, I pay homage today to the fanciness of it all in my own pretty polka-dot dress. It boasts spots of color, is actually sleeveless and has a flowing, chiffon-like layer that has those accordion pleats I love. Pairing it neatly with my riding boots and a classic black blazer with satin lining that looks adorable with the sleeves rolled.

Isn't it nice to have a manhole in the back of your style photos?

I am wearing this blazer to death and I am not sorry. It gives that little bit of structure to anything with fluid lines and I’m really enjoying the results.

Here’s a few ways you can do the Derby:

And here Esquire tells you how to make a mint julep Like a Man.

Western Wednesday

Western Wednesday
Round these parts, a friend of mine has championed Western Wednesday at the office. It was originally begun, I believe, as an excuse to buy some fancy cowboy boots. But it has morphed into a rather enjoyable event where those who love plaid shirts can proudly don their threads, lovers of fine Western footwear can walk side by side and whoa boy, you better believe those cowboy hats come out.
I recommend you give it a try, since we all want to sport that over-the-top belt buckle now and then. You can find the items you need at retailers like Stetson or Zappos, or even at your local thrift store.
Look for:
  • REAL leather in neutral tones.
  • Denim that is distressed or has a worn-in look.
  • Bootcut. For obvious reasons.
  • Contrast topstitching.
  • Floral embroidery and tiered peasant skirts (for the ladies).
  • Snap-up fronts, not button ups.
  • Pointed back yokes on shirts.
  • Plaid prints on woven cotton.
  • If you’re going to buy used cowboy boots, know the haps on them and check for cracks. Also know that they will NOT stretch, the fit is what it is.
  • Spring for one key item, maybe a nicer hat or some fancy boots.

Here’s a snap of my Western Wednesday:

See there? I definitely can’t be tamed in that get up.

Pictured above: