My “Looking Down” Montage: What I Learned From 30 for 30 Challenge

The title of the post comes from my realization that in most of the photos I choose I am looking down. Possibly admiring my shoes, analyzing my hemlines or perhaps trying to determine if there are stress fractures in the cement. Here’s the thing, I usually end up choosing these photos because there are less issues with weird smiles, closed eyes etc. And more focus in the outfits! That is the point after all.

Well it is finally over! My 30 for 30 Challenge is complete. Below, my montage of outfits. What’s your fave? Least Fave?

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Here are some refreshing pillow mints of knowledge that I have picked up from undergoing this self-imposed challenge:

  1. Buttons! Things with buttons are good. Cardigans and button-downs can be worn open, closed, layered over tops, over dresses – you can see the mad crazy use I got out of these items.
  2. Rules foster creativity.
  3. You do need basics, but not as many as you think.
  4. Accessories and footwear can completely change your look.
  5. 9/10 wearing things you think are risky will actually bring you compliments galore. So take risks.
  6. There is always a way to make something work.

There are a lot more things I absorbed, but I don’t want to make this a super-extended post. My good friends Samantha and Sara will be wrapping up their challenges soon as well, take a gander at their progress!

And in spring…I’m doing it again! Who’s going to join me?


The Final Countdown: Days #26-30

With the Rock ‘n ‘Roll Half Marathon falling on Sunday, something going on every night and my general laziness on the weekend, I haven’t been up to par with the postage. But I made a valiant and mostly successful effort to find places this weekend to wear these final outfits. Even the Monday after the marathon that I took off work broken and sick, I took some time to bundle myself in items that came from my 30 for 30 Challenge to go to the Quickcare. I really can’t vouch for matching socks or hair brushing, but I was rather impressed with my resolve.

Calvin Klein Dress (one day worn alone, counted that as a day), thrifted red cardigan, Rack Room Shoes Riding boots

Quickcare day. Animatien Closet top, Navy Cardigan, NYDJ Chevron Jeans, Steve Madden leopard flats

Banana Republic stand-collar blouse, Banana Republic dolman sleeve top, Paris Blues skinny jeans, thrifted belt, Madden Girl boots

And Today’s outfit, with and without my playful orange paisley scarf:

Thrifted blouse, NYDJ Riding pants, Rack Room Shoes Riding Boots, lazy sidebraid

With my orange paisley scarf

And now I will sleep and ferment all the ideas, issues, tears, fears, loves and hates of this whole challenge. And tomorrow a delightful wine (here I am referring to the post I will put together, but if you’ve got some wine I feel like now’s as good a time as any to bust it out) will emerge.

I am already formulating some ides for a few new challenges, hopefully some friends will join me.

Oceanic Peacock: Day #25

Found myself wrapped in a sea of blues and greens today, and honestly I was half asleep when I selected everything. So it was surprising to get quite a few compliments on the entire peacock-colorway ensemble, but I will take it! It is getting pretty difficult to put together something unique, taking into account what items I haven’t used, and trying to wear the same things (like a cardigan) in days too close together.

For today I have my green Banana Republic tank top under my thrifted navy jacket. For a little extra flair I added one of my favorite scarfs in an electric blue paisley. Finished off with Paris Blues skinny jeans and my cozy grey Madden Girl boots. In the second pic, I feel like I’m doing an “off-to-war” wistful pose.

Also making a cautious appearances is my playful little owl pendant necklace.

Get to know the noble peacock.