Zappos Outfit Write-up: Playful Instincts

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Your outlandish style comes naturally, and your playful instincts guide you to new trends to try. A lightweight base layer is found in a classic tank with a few artistic touches. A cropped jacket with edgy embellishments and a slender fit is the perfect way to make a statement. Boldly-hued skinny jeans are the next step; they turn heads at any event. You marvel in shoes with an antique inspiration and baffle in a handbag and accessories with metallic influences. You are being watched, mimicked and worshiped for your stunning ensembles.


Zappos Outfit Write-up: Dramatic Entrance

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Check your email one last time, and shut the computer down. Sneak out the side door without saying goodnight to Stephanie, she always has a story and time is fleeting. You’ve got your whole evening planned and it starts now. The sleek button-up blouse with military detailing that you wore to work will transition well, but you carefully select a new skirt with a playful print that embraces your curves in a flattering fashion. A nod to the latest trends embodied with an envelope clutch that is artistic but powerful in its bold patterns. Stylized mary janes brought to you by your favorite designer make the perfect punctuation. You feel like a dramatic entrance is unavoidable, so you and your friends approach the inviting doorway of your destination and dive right in. The night is young and full of possibilities, you plan to explore them all in style. Outfit Write-up: Unexplored Canyons

This was an outfit write-up I completed for a hero image that hasn’t yet appeared on the site:

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Your adventures always seem to take you one step too far, but the lure of what’s around the next corner spurs you ever onward.  A comfy moisture-wicking tee with an ultra light design and a mobile cotton twill Capri are the basics to build on when you’re planning your escape to the unmarked trailheads far outside the city limits. Be prepared for the unseen storm with a loyal zip-up fleece, bringing warmth and a protective barrier against the bite of unwelcome winds. Top off your tools of the trade with a perfect pair of barefoot-inspired shoes you can count on as you scramble nimbly through unknown canyons. The world is place full of wonder that should be explored. Leave those that don’t wonder behind.