30 for 30 Day #8: Ruffles Abound

Glad I wore jeans and flats today, already I’ve had to run after Jedi, zip downstairs twice for java in the coffee shop, and dodge a smoke and strobe light nerf war at work. Did I mention I love it here at Zappos?

Yay - shade in my face today.

So I’m going with my classic straight-leg jean, a black lace racerback tank under a ruffle crop Jacket from Agaci. My weapons against toe pinching today are my lucky turquoise gladiators with a zesty fringe detail. Yes, zesty – refreshing and surprising.

Lace Racerback


Outfit Write-up: Sun-swept Escape

Sun-Swept Escape image by Zappos.com

Turn off the alarm clock, board the cat and be sure to lock the door, you’re officially gone for the weekend! Your bold sleeveless chiffon top embodies the breezy spirit of the escape you so rightly deserve. Further celebrate your new state of liberty in your favorite jean short with a stylish rolled hem. Neutral and bold meet in your playful accessories and a delightful boho-vintage bag that has room enough for your beach reading, everyday essentials and boutique findings. Treat your feet by sporting the versatile gladiator sandal and showing off your newly-minted pedicure. What a way to wander, with the sun on your face and the whole weekend before you.

30 for 30 Day #8 Sgt. Pepper Chic

We’ve already established that I heart military inspirations, and the Sgt. Pepper charm of this top was what first drew me to it. After a few washings though, the hem of the shirt became all wonky (is that a real word? spellchecker says it is so woot woot…wait it doesn’t like “woot”) and it was just hanging in perpetual loneliness in my closet.

Day # 8

In a fit of creativity, I elected to pair it with my high-waisted pencil skirt. This concealed the wonk factor but allowed siplay of the fun details of the top that I loved. Add the magical frivolity of the red satin Kenneth Cole pumps and BAM, Day # 8 done.

Sgt. Pepper zoom! Brass button city.