Ruffled Cinderella: Day #23

It is pretty lucky I am not taking a nap right now. Had a little impromptu celebration last night and was out until midnight, at which point my Ford Escape turned into a pumpkin and my glass slippers turned back into Converse Allstars. Super inconvenient because I’m not really licensed to operate a large vegetable. And now I kind of want a pumpkin spice latte.

I was worried that my last few outfits would end up being a little weird but I’m loving the romantic nature of this one. Wrapped my lucky red cardigan over my ever-reappearing Joie ruffle blouse. Keeping it sleek with my grey skinny jeans and the round-toed Dexter pumps.

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Alpine Frolic & Back to Work: Day #20-22

Thought about bowing out of the 30 for 30 Challenge for the Thanksgiving Holiday, but for some reason Tim Gunn kept repeating in my head “Make it work…Make it work…” Okay Tim, I heard you. So although not too imaginative, I managed to wrangle two outfits (20 & 21)that worked for a few days of driving, getting crazy in the kitchen, hiking and lounging by the fire.

And this is where I went:

Then today it was back to work, not sure if I was in mourning or what but my ensemble ended up looking dark and full of shadows. My pop of blonde hair sort of balanced everything out and I love the fitted skirt with my western-style boots.

Eight days to go! It’s getting weirder and weirder, but I still have room for one more item in the mix…

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Wearing a Graphic Novel: Day #19

Building on yesterday, I’m making things even MORE challenging today, adding my crazy comic-inspired tee that I got for Christmas last year. Thanks, Mom!

I really like the bold color blocking and I always get a lot of compliments on it. I imagine that the stylized woman is a hero of some sort to face-tattooed people everywhere. Or a rescuer of caged tigers.

I remixed her with my turquoise tank top (as it is a bit short and low-cut) and my NYDJ riding-cut black pants. I tried a few different boots on with these but went with my tan riding boots. Minimal jewelry today, just my spyglass pendant with loose gold.

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