Manic Monochromatic: Day #3

Today for the challenge, a little spin on the LBD. This one is borrowed from my friend Kelly, it is self belted, has epaulettes at the shoulders and cute little hand pockets.

An unforgiving cold snap this morn forced me to turn to my grey tights, and to go with those I gave my pull-on Madden Girl Boots some love.

I realized on the way out that I had not a drop of color to speak of, but I am going to pretend that it was on purpose. Not sure how I will remix this dress later on, any ideas?

Signing Bonus: Random Ways to Wear a Little Black Dress


Fireplace Ruffles: Day #2

This ended up looking like a photo shoot for my new fireplace, so be it. I love you fireplace, but stop stealing my thunder. I don’t have all that much thunder to begin with.

Today I went with my Joie ruffle top, and since it’s loose I belted it with this awesome western leather belt I thrifted. Joining the party are the embellished Jag Jeans that Samantha gave me, my go-to grey Guess ankle boots and an awesome bird necklace my mom had in the 60’s.

Added Bonus: Some wacky fireplaces.

Mustard Leather: Day #1

Oh hey wind chill factor, thanks for coming to see me today! Sure enough the day I plan on wearing a skirt the cold takes its turn on my dance card. Yes, in this case forms of weather can dance.

I forge ahead anyway to begin my 30 for 30 Challenge and wear this mustard-hued skirt that I skillfully thrifted. It looks like leather but it is actually a delightfully lightweight fabric with a bit of sheen. A basic white blouse I will definitely be using later in the challenge, and I round it off with tights and my pirate boots. I eventually ditched the tights since they were really uncomfortable.

A little dollop of know-how for your kitchen, Click Here so Emeril can teach you how to make your own Mustard. BAM!!!